Last-Minute Adoption – Is It Too Late to Choose Adoption for My Baby?

It’s never too late to choose adoption.

Legally, you may choose adoption at any point in your pregnancy or even any time after your pregnancy. But the real question is how will the process work in a last-minute adoption?

Late in Your Pregnancy

Ideally, adoption plans are made with plenty of time to spare before the baby is born. But because we are dealing with such a complex decision, these adoption decisions aren’t always made in the early stages of the pregnancy.

So, if you are 7, 8 or even 9 months pregnant and days or even hours away from giving birth, an adoption plan can still be created for your baby. This is not at all uncommon, and it probably happens more often than you might think.

After the Birth

It’s also not entirely rare that a few days, weeks or even months go by and a mother begins to realize she just isn’t prepared for this much responsibility. She realizes her child may have a better opportunity with an adoptive family who has been preparing themselves for years to raise a baby.

Again, an adoption plan can still be made, and there are hundreds if not thousands of adoptive families who would love nothing more than to provide your child with the most loving home possible.

How a Late-Pregnancy or Post-Birth Adoption Plan Works

Your adoption process will largely remain the same regardless of how late in your pregnancy you choose to give your child up for adoption. The only differing factor is time.

Thankfully, all of the steps of the adoption process can be condensed into a short time frame. Whether it’s finding adoptive parents, getting to know the adoptive parents, receiving counseling and support, completing the legal process, and receiving financial assistance, these processes can often happen as quickly as you are comfortable with.

But remember, there isn’t a big rush. Don’t feel like just because you decide on adoption only a few days before your due date that you only have a handful of hours to choose your ideal adoptive parents. Certain process may wait until after you child is here, if necessary, to ensure you are still committed to adoption and that you don’t make any hasty decisions regarding the adoptive parents and the contact you wish to share with them and your child in the future.

While Adoption Attorney Rick Corley can help you with the legal process of your last-minute adoption, an adoption agency is often better prepared to navigate you quickly through the adoption process while using Rick for the legal work.

If you have any other questions about a last-minute adoption or an adoption after pregnancy, we recommend you contact American Adoptions for more information.